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COOLCAPS BOX40 Display Display with 24 BOX 40 CoolCaps mint pearls

Dipslay filled with 24 BOX40 filled with 40 CoolCaps .

In the display the boxes are 62 x 31 x 9 mm containing 40 pearls with  mint liquid

Let us surprise you with a fantastic refreshing experience.

PaperMints CoolCaps : The ONLY double capsule in the world. One pearl contains 2 liquid capsules. The outer pearls melts in the mouth, the inner pearl melts in the stomach.

This procures a longlasting breathcare. 

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Always a fresh breath !  Ideal for proteine diets, for smokers, after a drink

No sugar, zero calories

The new generation : Liquid mints with a double taste.
Great ideas have something unique inside ...

  • Double liquid gives double taste : result of a double capsule technology.
  • Instant freshness in your mouth
  • Persistant freshness in the stocmach
  • Modern, discrete, confortable, practical
  • Protected by international patents 
  • Small, easy, impulse buying.....a new opportunity for your business 


Vegetable oil (Coconut and Palm origin), Menthol flavor (natural and artificial), Gelatin (Beef Gelatin  Halal approved), Peppermint flavor (Artificial),  Lemon flavor (Artificial), D-Sorbitol (E420), Mint Flavor, Aspartame (E951), Soy Lecithin (E322), Sucralose (E955), Glycerin (E422), Cooling Flavor (Artificial), Colorant (E131) 

Directions : use one pearl for a fresh breath and a fresh stomach 

  • Take one pearl and put in on your tongue
  • Let the outer pearl melt
  • Swallow the inner pearl

Avoid high temperature, humidity and sunlight
Custom tariff : 2106 9098
weight : 337  gr (79,2 gr net)

Nutritional Information :

Per serving= 1 pearl             Per 100 gr

Energy             1,575 Kj              2 461 Kj

                        0,37 Kcal             588,3 Kcal

Protein          0,005888 g              9,2 g

Total fat           0,03552 g            55,5 g

Saturated      0,032704 g            51,1 g

trans fat           D < 0,3 g             ND < 0,3 g

Carbon Hydrate 0,00832 g             13,0 g

sugars            ND < 0,5 g              ND < 0,5 g

Humidity         0,014272 g                    22,3 g

Ash                               0,0 g                     0,0 g

Sodium                  0,0097 mg              15,2 mg

Product Composition


  • The outer bead melts on the tongue.

  • Swallow the inner bead for prolonged freshness in your stomach

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